Create more collectors and sell more art without the overwhlem.



How will your life be different when you finally go all in on your art?



Do you ever allow yourself to believe that it is possible for you to not only create your art for a living, but to also have a thriving art business? 


You have something to share with the world, but you spend most of your time thinking it's not working and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. 


I left a comfy corporate job and built my art business from the ground up...raising two babies, pinching every single penny.  I knew I was meant for more...but I just didn't know how to get there - so I figured it out, and in just a couple of years, I had a multiple 6 figure art business...but more importantly, was spending my days making my art, sharing it with people, and building a business and a life that I could have never imagined possible.


Ready to learn how?


Private Art Business Coaching

You are looking for someone to be there with you step by step as you learn how to create collectors and earn more in your art business.  You are ready to make it happen and want someone there guiding you, cheering for you, and helping you get out of your own way. You are looking for someone who is open and direct because they believe so hard in you and your goals.  You are ready to learn this skill for life, so you can spend more time in the studio and have an art business free of overwhelm and confusion.


Small Group Art Business Coaching

Experience the power of group coaching and learn to create collectors and sell your art alongside a small group of artists just like you. You'll be taken through weekly topics and you'll be coached together - so you can apply not just the coaching you brought to the call, but also the coaching that other artists brought to the call as well.  In addition to me cheering you on, you'll have a whole crew of artists going through the same work and sharing their experiences along the way.  It's a powerful 6 month program. 

Working with you has truly been a lifesaver during this pandemic. I don't know what I would have focused on if not developing my confidence as an artist and my art business.  I am loving the process, your support, and encouragement and all the things I am learning.  And I have a whole new group of artist friends in my life.

Robin Sesan

Working with Teresa is a dream!  She is constantly giving us the confidence and mindset to talk about our work and send our magic message out into the world. 

Angeli Coover

Great session. You are really helping me understand what I am doing and why. I know the big picture, but I have not spent enough time trying to find out why it’s so important to me. I could get there on my own but it would probably have taken the rest of my life. So thanks for that!

Peter Frantz



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