Right now, the pricing structure and policies you have in place in your art business are a little wishy washy.


Maybe you are pricing by effort,

Or by the hour,

Or by the size,

Or by what you are feeling in the moment,

Or by where you are showing and the affluence in that ares,

Or by how much you love the piece,

Or by how much you think you are worth...

I graduated PT today.


I've been dealing with lower back issues for a LONG time, and for most of the time, I just learned to deal with it thinking that lower back pain was just going to be part of me.


But here the thing...I am a high performance woman...and dealing with annoying back pain is not an option for me...so I got to work.

I watched a Reel on IG this week that said, "You know how you can tell if you are an artist? You make art." Simple, straightforward, to the point.


But...my question to you is this...how can you tell if you are being an artist?

I used to sit and stare at my computer for hours putting together my monthly email newsletter to collectors, only to not send it out...for months at a time.

A few years ago I started to run again after a 2 year long battle with foot issues...including two surgeries, several stress fractures, and a kneel on scooter that became a member of my family.

We give the old masters all the credit.


We study them in school, we copy them, we seek out the most famous works and stand in front of them taking selfies, thinking how amazing it is that we are so close to the works that we can actually touch it...really, just reach out and actually touch the art.

We are conditioned to believe that there is romance in the tale of the starving artist. That somehow, it is a condition of being a "real artist", and that somehow selling art makes you less of an artist.

Overwhelm is keeping you from becoming the artist you dream of being.  


As a professional artist, you wear two hats...

Some days you are all in. You are in the studio. Everything is flowing.

You remember take in-progress photos.


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