I help artists not be confused about how to market and sell their art, so collectors actually want to buy from them.




You Just Need a New Approach...

You've finally decided to go all in on your art. 


But it's not what you thought it was going to be. 


The thing you want most is to spend a luxurious amount of time making art...but you never get as much time in the studio as you'd like, and you blame your business.  


You wish you could hire someone to do the marketing and sales for you, or find a great gallery that will sell your art, so you don't have to.   


It just feels like you've tried it all, and you're starting to stress about getting labeled a Hobbyist again by your accountant this year.


I get it, and I was there too.


Society teaches us that to be successful in business, we have to figure out what the people want and create that. But that's when we find ourselves negotiating with ourselves on what art we are going to make...art to sell, or art that really lights us up.


This approach works for most businesses.  


But not for us.


Because the way we create the MOST value for our collectors isn't to settle on making art that we think is going to sell...it's to lean in all the way and make the art that we are called to make and then learn how to sell that.




I'm Teresa...

I built a multiple six-figure art business from the ground up using skills I learned in my corporate sales job, and 10 years of selling my own art online, in galleries, and at outdoor artshows.  


From running up to my attic studio after the kids went to bed to paint, and setting up my booth at car shows so I could learn how to talk about my work, to owning a 2500 square foot studio and gallery in Downtown Phoenixville. 


I've done the work and figured out how to build an art business while raising 2 kids and maintaining my sacred studio time. 


Now, I teach other artists how to do the same...and it starts with 4 simple steps that any artist can learn and implement to begin creating collectors and selling more art consistently. 


Overwhelm appears when we fear what will happen if we take a step forward. 


Some days you are all in. You are in the studio. Everything is flowing.

You remember take in-progress photos.

As a professional artist, you wear two hats...



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